Here's some stuff people have said about me.

Your life is by far the most like Super Mario Bros of anyone I know

- Michael Sweeney, Twitter, February 2019

Naw, you do good at whatever it is you do.

- Rich Azzopardi, Twitter, January 2019

All of your stories have an element of helplessness followed by the surmounting of obstacles against all odds.

- Tana Ganeva, Twitter, September 2018

“Philadelphia punished with 2016 D.N.C. instead of Brooklyn,” crowed David Colon of the blog Brokelyn, one of the commentators who danced a jig on the grave of Brooklyn’s hopes."

- Vivian Yee, The New York Times, February 2014

“Welcome to New York,” a song so bloodless and indistinct in its vision of the city that it presents to you, as the blogger David Colon put it, the New York you would get “if you populated it entirely with humans raised in the Times Square Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., then let them out into the world with only a penthouse apartment, an Amex black card and leopard-print Prada luggage.”

- Ginia Bellafante, The New York Times, October 2013

Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess

- Beyoncé Knowles, Formation

"'I don’t like Haim, which makes people who do wrong.' -David Colon"

- haters,, November 2013

"Is there a way to not read anything this creator posted."

- jzad,, November 2013

"You suck"

- Valois,, January 2015

"Hey David Colon I really enjoyed your other article about pancakes, I liked the part where you’re bad at journalism."

-Tim Leary,, January 2013

"1. i live here. fuck off. we don’t need any more hipster douche-bags like you moving here. why do you people feel you need to publicize everything you do? 2. yes you are a hipster cliche. 3. this article is bullshit. get a job. and get out of my neighborhood. it’s assholes like you that attract more assholes who complain when people practice music and light off fireworks. some of us don’t mind that. and that is why we live here. if you want to be a hipster cliche move back to billyburg. or does living there make you too self-aware."

FuckYouHipster,, February 2012

"No surprise this article was written by Colon. I remember it being the first article I read on this blog that I thought was pure trash. Disdainful, poseur trash. Typical Brooklyn transplant who moves here and thinks he speaks for all of Brooklyn. Guy is a poseur. A tourist. Probably from Connecticut or Jersey. Get the hell out of here and please stop trying to speak for all of Brooklyn, because you sir are not a Brooklynite."

B,, April 2013